How to house train a dog in an apartment

House training a dog in an apartment can be a challenge, but with a little patience and effort, it can be done. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Start by establishing a routine. Establishing a routine will help your dog learn what is expected of them. Start by feeding your dog at the same time every day, and then work on gradually adding in other activities such as pottying and walking.

2. Use positive reinforcement. When your dog performs a desired behavior, offer them a treat or a pat on the head. This will help them learn that performing the behavior is rewarded, and they will be more likely to repeat it in the future.

3. Be consistent. Don't give your dog a choice between obeying you and getting their favorite toy. Be firm and consistent with your commands, and your dog will soon learn what is expected of them.

4. Be patient. It may take some time for your dog to get used to living in an apartment, but with a little patience and effort, house training can be a success.

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We all want a well-behaved dog who doesn't destroy things and goes to the bathroom outside — and dog crate training is a big part of that. A crate provides a safe environment for your dog as well as a space that is solely theirs.

While many people associate crates with being "caged up," dogs are naturally den animals and prefer to be in small, enclosed spaces. Crates give them a sense of security, and when trained to use them from an early age, they can help calm anxiety.

We asked Anna Flayton, senior dog trainer at PUPS Pet Club in Chicago, how to crate train your dog.

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How to house train a dog in an apartment

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How to house train a dog in an apartment

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Step 1: Selecting the Best Crate for Your Dog

It is critical to find the best crate for your dog.

"You want one that's long-lasting, comfortable, and adaptable to whatever training you're doing," Flayton says. She recommends kennel or airline crates (which are more enclosed) for dogs who prefer to sleep in the dark, while wire crates work best for other dogs. She emphasizes the importance of not purchasing a crate that is too large for your dog. "Depending on how big your dog grows, buy the appropriate crate for their adult size," she suggests. "Then get a divider so you can construct the space and give them more and more space.".”

Step 2: Establish the Proper Mindset

"The more the dogs associate the crate with a relaxed mindset, the more they'll enjoy spending time in there," Flayton says. If you put the dog in the crate while they're playing, they'll want to come out and play again. However, if you bring them in when they are calm, they will most likely see it as a place of rest. Begin by bringing them in for 10 minutes at a time and gradually increase the time.

Step 3: Determine how your dog will be most at ease.

Some people use dog beds or towels to create a comfortable environment for their pets, but this is not always the best option. It's trial and error all over again. "Depending on your dog, they may tear a dog bed apart or use it to pee on," she warns. "It's not a bad thing if they just sleep on the crate mat.". In fact, dogs prefer hard surfaces.”

Step 4: After the dog has entered the crate, reward them with a treat.

Once again, positive association rules. One of Flayton's favorite tricks is to give the dog a frozen KONG toy filled with peanut butter. "When they're in the crate, they have something to stimulate them, but they have to work their way down the frozen peanut butter," she explains. It accustoms the dog to being in the crate for longer periods of time while also associating it with a fun activity.

Step 5: Keep an Eye on the Clock

Your dog requires time outside the crate to play, eat, and relieve himself. Dogs do not want to soil their sleeping areas, but if they go too long without a walk, they may do so.

Step 6: Play Crate Games

The dog should not regard the crate as a negative environment. To accomplish this, incorporate the crate into fun games where the pup can freely enter and exit the open crate. When playing fetch, Flayton likes to throw the ball into the crate or hide treats inside for the dog to find.

Step 7: Keep Your Dog “Naked”

"Dogs should never, ever have collars, tags, or anything on while in the crate," Flayton warns. If the tag becomes entangled in the crate, the dog may strangle.

Step 8: Prepare Your Dog for Success

When you're ready, gradually increase your dog's time inside the crate. "You don't want to be out for dinner for six hours," Flayton warns. "Perhaps I should just go get a cup of coffee and come back."." She also suggests using a recording device to see what your dog does while you're away.". "Are they nervous? Pacing? Or are they calm?" she asks. "Then you'll know — and when you return, you'll be able to reward them.".”

Step 9: Be Patient

Prepare for a minimum of six months of training. Because dogs are not linear learners, there will be ups and downs, but success will come, says Flayton. "Even if it feels like you're hitting a brick wall, if you stay calm and consistent in your methodology, your dog will eventually look for the reward and you'll have the opportunity to reward them.".”

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How to house train a dog in an apartment

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How to house train a dog in an apartment

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How to house train a dog in an apartment

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How to house train a dog in an apartment

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How to house train a dog in an apartment

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How to house train a dog in an apartment

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How to house train a dog in an apartment

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How to house train a dog in an apartment

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How to house train a dog in an apartment

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In an apartment, how do you potty train a dog?

Get into a regular routine For the best chances of success, Begin by taking them out every hour, or more frequently if your puppy is young. . And for young puppies, immediately after waking up or coming out of their crate, and within 5-10 minutes of eating, drinking, or playing.

Can you potty train a puppy in an apartment?

A puppy can hold it for about seven or eight hours by the age of six months. Smaller breeds have smaller bladders and must go more frequently. What is this? Puppies can be house-trained in an apartment with consistency and training. .

When you live in an apartment, how do you crate train a puppy?

Begin crate training your puppy during the day and at night. Introduce your puppy's new crate gradually throughout the day. Feeding your puppy in his or her crate will also help him or her associate a positive experience with being in their crate.

What is the quickest way to housebreak a dog?

Potty training your dog or puppy .
Take your puppy outside at least once every two hours, and immediately after they wake up, during and after play, and after eating or drinking..
Choose an outdoor bathroom and take your puppy (on a leash) there every time..