What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?


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I moved to Utah in 2015 after discovering that it has some of the best hiking in the country, the most unique landscapes, and four seasons of outdoor recreation. Whether you want to climb one of Salt Lake City's 12,000-foot peaks, hike the world-famous trails in Utah's Mighty 5 National Parks, or just relax, Utah has something for everyone. If you're like me, the seemingly endless list of Utah trails makes deciding how to spend your time here difficult. So, to assist you, I've compiled a list of the best hikes in Utah that I've discovered over the last few years, as well as a few that are still on my Utah hiking bucket list.

Of course, there are many trails I have yet to explore, so if there is something I'm missing, please leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post!.

Impo rtant Reminder: Please practice, as it goes in all of the places we visit. This includes packing out all of your trash (including toilet paper) and adhering to the established rules..

Best Hikes in Utah Map

This map shows all of our favorite Utah hiking trails, which are detailed below. To learn more about each point of interest, click on the map's icons.

1. Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park

  • Length: 4.1 miles
  • Elevation gain:1,617 feet
  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Permit: Yes (new for 2022)

Angel's Landing is the most popular hike in Zion National Park, so it's first on our list of the best hikes in Utah. To avoid crowds, avoid visiting during peak season and hiking during non-peak hours, such as very early in the morning or late in the afternoon (don't forget your headlamp!).

This hike starts with a series of switchbacks that take you up Zion Canyon before dropping you off at the base of Angel's Landing. Those who are afraid of heights should consider stopping here. Beyond this point, the trail becomes a steep and narrow path with chains to hold onto as it drops off on either side, eventually opening up to 360-degree views.

Everyone who wants to hike Angel's Landing will need a permit beginning April 1st, 2022. Permits are distributed through a lottery system two months in advance, and you can choose up to seven ranked days and times for your hike. There is a $6 non-refundable application fee and an additional $3 fee if you are issued a permit. On the Zion National Park website, you can learn more about the Angel's Landing permit process and apply for one.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

Directions to Angel's Landing

Angel's Landing trailhead is easily accessible within Zion National Park from The Grotto trailhead shuttle stop in Zion Canyon. For more information on how to get to Zion National Park, click here.

2. The Narrows: Zion National Park Top-Down Bottom-Up Hike

  • Length: 5 or 16 miles
  • Elevation gain: 206 -1,017 feet
  • Difficulty: Easy to Strenuous
  • Permit: Bottom-Up Hike: No permit required; Top-Down Hike: Permit required; see our guide for more information on Zion Narrows permits.
  • Days: 1 for a day hike and 2 for a multi-day backpacking trip

Another excellent hike in Utah can be found in Zion National Park.: the world-famous Zion Narrows. This is the narrowest section of Zion Canyon, where you walk right in the Virgin River between two 2,000-foot cliffs on either side. There are dozens of beautiful swimming holes, and the canyon is only a few feet wide at its narrowest point.

The Narrows can be hiked as a day hike from the bottom-up via Riverside Walk (no permit required, and you can turn around whenever you want), but I highly recommend doing the Narrows as an overnight backpacking trip where you can stay in one of the 12 isolated campsites. This hike requires a permit and a reservation.

Important note: The Narrows is prone to flash floods, so do your research and check the weather forecast. Don't forget to check out our.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

The best way to get to the Narrows

As with Angel's Landing, once inside Zion National Park, you can take the free park shuttle to the trailhead. Take the shuttle to the Temple of Sinawava, walk 1 mile to the end of the paved Riverside Walk, and then begin walking along the river.

For the top-down route, you'll need to take a shuttle up to Chamberlain Ranch, which is run by one of the town's guiding companies. It’s an hour-and-a-half ride. More information about shuttle options can be found in our Narrows Permit and Planning post.

3. The Subway, Zion National Park

  • Length: 9 or 9.5 miles
  • Elevation gain: The bottom-up hike will gain 1,300 feet.
  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Permit: Yes, for both bottom-up and top-down approaches.

The Subway is a day-use only area in Zion National Park with long, tunnel-like rock passages that resemble underground subways. There are two ways to hike the Subway, both of which are challenging and require extensive route finding.

A round-trip hike through the Left Fork of North Creek is required for a 9-mile bottom-up exploration of the Subway. Instead of a trail, you'll be climbing over boulders and wading through creeks. I hiked this bottom-up route by myself. You descend into the canyon and then hike upstream through the river to the pools. If you want to brave the cold water, take a plunge, but save some energy for the climb out, especially on a hot sunny day.

The 9.The 5-mile top-down Subway route is an advanced canyoneering route that necessitates the use of ropes, harnesses, rappelling skills, long swims through extremely cold water (wet suits are recommended), and route-finding abilities.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

How to Get to a Subway Restaurant

The Subway is on Kolob Terrace Road, which is accessible from HWY 9 near the town of Virgin. If you're doing the top-down hike, you'll need to drive or arrange a shuttle because the Zion shuttle does not stop along this road.

The bottom-up Subway hike begins at the Left Fork Trailhead and ends at the Wildcat Canyon Trailhead, whereas the top-down canyoneering Subway route begins at the Wildcat Canyon Trailhead and ends at the Left Fork Trailhead.

If you're looking for a multi-day backpacking trip in Zion National Park, check out our West Rim Trail trail guide.

4. The Wave, Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness

  • Length: 5.2 miles
  • Elevation gain: 400 feet
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Permit: Yes

The Wave, a mesmerizing trail of colorful red sandstone that crosses the Utah/Arizona border, is a popular and highly sought-after hike with a highly competitive permit process (possibly the most competitive in the United States).

While the odds are not in your favor, those who are fortunate enough to obtain one of the 64 daily permits (16 of which are walk-in) will find solitude while exploring the remarkable patterns and landscapes that comprise the Wave.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

How to Reach the Wave

Kanab is the closest town to the wave. The Wire Pass trailhead, where you'll begin, is about an hour's drive from Kanab. The final eight miles of House Rock Valley Road are on a dirt road that can become impassable due to flash floods in the area. Check the weather before venturing out.

5. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument's Golden Cathedral Trail

  • Length: 9.1 miles
  • Elevation gain: 1,581 feet
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Permit: No

Golden Cathedral, located at the end of Neon Canyon in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, is a beautiful, secluded hike in red rock country that leads to an emerald pool grotto. There is a hole in the cavernous ceiling through which the sun rays beam at certain times of day, resulting in amazing lighting for photos. 

The Golden Cathedral Trail is a longer hike that requires some navigation, so start early and bring a headlamp, food, water, and the 10 essentials for day hiking. I did this hike in 2014 and didn't see another person all day!

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?
Neon Canyon, Escalante National Park, Utah's Golden Cathedral

Directions to the Golden Cathedral Trail

Drive 16.3 miles down Hole-in-the-Rock Road. HWY 12 intersects with Hole-in-the-Rock Road. After driving 16.3 miles down Hole-in-the-Rock Road, turn left onto Egypt Bench Road and continue for another 9 miles.The trailhead is 9 miles down Egypt Bench Road. 44 and a high clearance are required.

More great hikes in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument can be found here.

6. Backpacking Trail in Paria Canyon,

  • Length: 38 miles
  • Elevation gain: 1,130 feet decline
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Days: 4
  • Permit: Yes

Paria Canyon is a 38-mile backpacking journey through and along the Paria riverbed between two massive Navajo sandstone walls. It is comparable to the Zion Narrows, but much more remote and isolated. This hike is one of my all-time favorites among all of the backpacking I've done.

The trip takes about four days and requires a car shuttle, but those who can handle the difficult logistics will be rewarded with private riverside camping in one of Utah's most beautiful canyons. Get our complete Paria Canyon backpacking guide, including permit information, here.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

Paria Canyon Directions

Paria Canyon has three different trailheads to choose from. The most popular, and where I began, is via the White House Trailhead, which is located two miles down the road from the BLM Paria Contact Station off Highway 89 North.

7. Day Hike in Buckskin Gulch - Wire Pass Trailhead

  • Length: up to 16 miles round trip
  • Elevation gain: 649 feet
  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Permit: Yes (Day permits are available at a self-pay station at the trailhead.). Overnight permits must be obtained ahead of time.)

Buckskin is the world's longest slot canyon, and many people only hike a section as an out-and-back trail. To access Buckskin, this particular route via Wire Pass requires a short downclimb over a boulder jam. Take some time at the confluence of Wire Canyon and Buckskin Gulch to look at the ancient petroglyphs on the canyon walls (with your eyes only). 

Prepare for cold water, boulder jams, and other obstacles once you enter Buckskin, which can ultimately dictate your turn-around point. Outside of the winter months, this hike is more enjoyable, and the deepest pools are mostly encountered during spring run-off.

Proper shoes and neoprene socks for warmth are recommended if you plan on going deep into the canyon and wading through pools of water.

Bring plenty of water or a water filter, as the water in the canyon is unsafe to drink, and check the weather forecast..

The most common way to backpack Buckskin Gulch is to enter via Wire Pass and exit at the Whitehouse Trailhead near the Paria Contact Station. A car shuttle and an advanced reservation permit are required for this.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

Directions to Buckskin Gulch

The Buckskin Gulch Trailhead in Kanab, Utah, is easily accessible via House Rock Valley Road. Cross the street to the designated trail.

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8. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument's Lower Calf Creek Falls

  • Length: 6.7 miles
  • Elevation gain: 512 feet
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Permit: No

Lower Calf Creek Falls was one of my first hikes in Utah. It's a short, flat hike that leads to a massive waterfall in the middle of the Staircase-Escalante National Monument desert.

Because of the easy access from the highway, this hike is very popular, so I'd recommend a mid-week sunrise or sunset hike to avoid the crowds.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

Calf Creek Falls Directions

HWY 12 east from Escalante until you see signs for Calf Creek Campground. The trail begins at the campground.

9. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Coyote Gulch

  • Length: 13-22 miles depending on route
  • Elevation gain: Varies
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Days: 1-3
  • Permit: Day hikes do not require a permit; overnight backpacking trips do.

Coyote Gulch in Staircase-Escalante National Monument is similar to Paria Canyon in that it is a beautiful slot canyon in Utah's red rock country, but it can be done in 1-3 days rather than four, and it is less logistically difficult.

Coyote Gulch has long been on my bucket list, and I finally got to hike through it with a friend a few years ago.

Because it's relatively flat and easy to navigate, this is one of the best overnight backpacking hikes in Utah for beginners. Along the way, you'll see towering canyon walls, a large mystic arch, a natural bridge, and numerous waterfalls. The majority of the trail follows stream beds, so expect your feet to be wet the entire time. Read our Coyote Gulch Backpacking Guide for more information on planning your Coyote Gulch hike.

Wag bags are required for this hike in order to remove all human waste.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

Directions to Coyote Gulch

All Coyote Gulch trailheads are located off of Hole in the Rock Road, which is about 5 miles east of Escalante off of HWY 12.

There are several Coyote Gulch trailheads off Hole in the Rock road, so use the trail guides in our Coyote Gulch post for directions.

10. Arches National Park's Delicate Arch Trail

  • Length: 3 miles
  • Elevation gain: 610 feet
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Permit: No

The scenic trail with panoramic views of Arches National Park and the La Sal Mountain range is Utah's most famous arch (as depicted on license plates!)..

If you have a few extra days in the park, here are some of our other favorite hikes in Arches National Park.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

Directions to Delicate Arch

Drive a few miles down Wolfe Ranch Road within Arches National Park to the trailhead at Wolfe Ranch.

11. Corona Arch, Arches National Park

  • Length: 3 miles
  • Elevation gain: 440 ft
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Permit: No

If you're short on time or traveling with a dog (this hike is pet-friendly! ), hiking out to Corona Arch, located just outside Arches National Park in Moab, is a great way to experience these delicate sandstone wonders.

It's an easy 20-30 minute hike to the arch, followed by a short scramble up a steep rock wall aided by safety cables. It sounds more difficult than it is, but you'll be rewarded with stunning views of the Corona Arch and surrounding mesas once you've finished. Visit our Corona Arch Trail Guide for more information and detailed directions.

If you're feeling ambitious, you can also practice night photography here if you're willing to hike out there by headlamp.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

Directions to Corona Arch

Corona Arch is about 20 minutes outside of Moab in Bootleg Canyon. HWY 191 north for 4 miles to Potash Road (State Road 279). Turn left onto Potash Road and travel west for 10 miles to the trailhead, which is clearly marked as "Corona Arch Trailhead.". Turn right into the Corona Arch parking lot, where there is an information kiosk.

12. Mount Timpanogos, Wasatch Mountain Range

  • Length: 14 miles
  • Elevation gain: 4,390 feet
  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Permit: No, trailhead fee per car

Mount Timpanogos, at 11,752 feet, is the second-highest peak in Salt Lake City's Wasatch Range and is known for its vibrant wildflowers, resident mountain goats, and panoramic views.

The Timpooneke Trail to the top of Mount Timpanogos is a challenging but not technically difficult hike that is well worth the effort. It is possible to do it as a long strenuous day hike or as an overnight backpacking trip. More information can be found in our Mount Timpanogos Trail Guide.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

Getting to Mount Timpanogos

There are two ways to get to the Timpooneke trailhead.: Take the Orem 800 North Exit 272 off I-15.. Turn left onto Highway 189, the Provo Canyon Scenic Byway..

Alternatively, from I-15, take the American Fork/Alpine Exit 284 and head east on Highway 92..

13. Pfiefferhorn Trail, Wasatch Mountain Range

  • Length: 9 miles
  • Elevation gain: 3,800 feet
  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Permit: No

Pfiefferhorn, at 11,326 feet, is the third tallest peak in Utah's Wasatch Range and one of the best hikes in Utah to do while in Salt Lake City. Along the way, you'll pass Red Pine Lake, a beautiful and popular Wasatch hiking destination.

The trail up to the Pfiefferhorn requires some scrambling, navigating a knife ridgeline, and hiking a steep section after passing the lake. It's an exhilarating hike that doesn't necessitate any technical climbing equipment. More information can be found in my Pfeifferhorn Trail Guide.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

Pfiefferhorn Trail Directions

Take I-80 out of Salt Lake City and merge onto I-215 S. After 5 miles, take exit 6 off I-215 S onto 6200 S. At the light, turn left onto 6200 S and follow the signs to Alta Ski Area. This road curves left up Little Cottonwood Canyon after 4 miles, becoming Little Cottonwood Canyon road. Continue driving up the canyon for another 5 minutes.5 miles. Keep an eye out for White Pine Lake Trailhead signs on the right and turn right into the large paved parking lot. You've gone too far if you arrive at Snowbird Ski Resort.

Find out about the best alpine lake hikes near Salt Lake City.

14. Wasatch Mountain Range, Monte Cristo via Cardiff Pass Trail

  • Length: 5.3 miles
  • Elevation gain: 2,477 feet
  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Permit: No

Hikers on the Monte Cristo via Cardiff Pass Trail are rewarded with breathtaking views of the Wasatch Mountains and surrounding ski areas. The trail begins at Alta Ski Area, east of Salt Lake City, and ascends to the summits of Monte Cristo and Mt. Superior.

Do not underestimate this hike. It's a very steep climb with some tricky scrambling sections, so it's only for experienced hikers who are comfortable with exposure. When I did this hike, I was nervous at times, but I stayed focused and took my time - standing at the top was well worth the effort!

I highly recommend bringing a pair of collapsible trekking poles that you can store in your bag when you need to use your hands for scrambling and balance. There is also no shade on the trail, so make sure you have plenty of sun protection.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

How to Travel to Monte Cristo Using the Cardiff Pass Trail

Take HWY 210 east toward Alta Ski Area. Turn left onto Michigan City Road; the Cardiff Pass Trailhead will be on the left.

15. Fairyland Loop, Bryce Canyon

  • Length: 7.4 miles
  • Elevation gain: 1,514 feet
  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Permit: No

This loop trail offers a breathtaking view of Bryce Canyon's northern region. Walk past the park's famous spiraling hoodoos and descend all the way from the rim into the canyon itself.

You'll see many of the same landscapes as on the popular Navajo Loop Trail, but with a lot less foot traffic. This hike is considered difficult because it takes you up through various elevations and exposes you to the sun for extended periods of time.

If you have a week to spend in Utah, check out our 1-week road trip itinerary for Utah's 5 National Parks.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

Directions to Fairyland Loop

Drive one mile down Scenic Drive from the Bryce Canyon Visitor Center to the Fairyland Point access road. Turn right and continue for another mile to the parking lot.

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16. Springville's Diamond Fork Hot Springs Trail

  • Length: 4.5 miles round trip
  • Elevation gain: 700 feet
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Permit: No

Because of its blue hot spring lagoons and beautiful scenery, a hike to the Diamond Fork Hot Springs is a must-do and one of the best hikes in Utah. The hike along the river is enjoyable, and you'll know you've arrived when you smell sulfur in the air.

Sit in the naturally heated pools, surrounded by breathtaking canyon walls, and soak it all in. Bring a towel, a change of clothes, and a towel. Check the road conditions before you go if you're visiting in the winter. For more information, see our complete Diamond Fork Hot Springs trail guide.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

Directions to Diamond Forks Hot Springs Trail

From Salt Lake City, take 1-15 south until you reach the town of Spanish Fork. Take exit 257 in Spanish Fork to get on US-6E. After 11 miles, turn left onto Diamond Fork Road at mile marker 184. Continue on this road for ten miles until you reach the trailhead parking lot on the right.

17. The Highline Trail, Uinta Mountains

  • Length: 78 miles
  • Elevation gain: 2,754 feet (most of the trail is above 10,000 feet)
  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Days: 7-8
  • Permit: No

The Highline Trail, which I have yet to cross off my bucket list, is an easy contender on our list of best hikes in Utah. This is not a trip for the faint of heart. You'll be above the timberline at 10,000 feet for almost the entire hike, and this trail requires technical skills at times.

Plan ahead of time, be prepared, and do some training to get in shape for this incredible hike.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

Where to Find the Highline Trail

The Highline trailhead is directly off Mirror Lake Highway (U-150). Kamas, Utah, is the nearest town.

18. Hanksville's Little Wild Horse/Bell Canyon Trail

  • Length: 11.2 miles
  • Elevation gain: 1,617 feet
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Permit: No

Little Wild Horse/Bell Canyon is one of Utah's most spectacular non-technical slot canyons. It's a loop trail with spectacular views. Little Wild Horse/Bell Canyon is suitable for hikers of all skill levels because it does not require any technical equipment or risky climbing.

Most hikers ascend Little Wild Horse, turn left on the Behind the Reef connector trail, and return down Bell Canyon. If you hike the entire loop, it will take you all day. If you don't have time, we recommend hiking up Little Wild Horse as far as you want, then returning the same way.

Keep an eye on the weather, as with all of the slot canyon hikes on this page, and if rain is in the forecast, save this trail for another time.

I hiked it with Kristin Addis of Be My Travel Muse. She recently published a list of her favorite off-the-beaten-path Utah destinations that you should visit!

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

Directions to the Little Wild Horse Trailhead

Drive 11 miles down Highway 24, about 2 miles before the Goblin Valley State Park Fee Station, to find the trailhead and parking area. Look for the sign to see where you can turn off the power.

19. Kannara Creek Canyon Trail, Kannaraville

  • Length: 2.7 miles
  • Elevation gain: 456 feet
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Permit: Yes, a $12 permit is available here.

This trail showcases the best of Utah's landscapes.: Views, slot canyons, not one but two waterfalls. Kannara Creek Canyon Trail also includes a few handcrafted ladders for climbing deeper into the canyon. Water shoes that can be hiked in are recommended, such as these Astrals, which are a Bearfoot Theory favorite.

When hiking in slot canyons, always check the weather forecast to avoid flash floods. Kannara Creek has grown in popularity over the years, so be sure to check the website for the most up-to-date information on permits and daily limits.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

Kannara Creek Canyon Trail Directions

Begin walking up the trail near the information sign from the Kannara Falls parking lot. Alternatively, from the Sweet Spot parking lot, walk a few hundred feet east to the Permit Kiosk. The attendant will scan your permit and allow you to continue on your hike.

20. Antelope Island's Frary Peak Trail

  • Length: 6.9 miles
  • Elevation gain: 2,335 ft
  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Permit: No, but there is a fee to enter the state park.

This out-and-back hike on Antelope Island outside of Salt Lake City takes you to the top of Frary Peak, the highest point on the island, for spectacular views of the Great Salt Lakes. In winter, the trail can become snowy and muddy, so it's best avoided until late spring (when nearby mountains are still snowcapped) and fall. Summertime can also be extremely hot, so early morning hikes are ideal for avoiding both the heat and crowds.

You may also catch a glimpse of the island's bison. Just keep your distance and give them plenty of room.

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

Directions to Frary Peak Trail

HWY 127 provides access to the Antelope Island bridge. The day-use fee for state parks is $15, which can be paid at the entrance or online. Follow Antelope Island Road onto the island from the entrance and keep left at the fork. Continue until you reach the Frary Peak Trailhead Road on your right.

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My Favorite Utah Hiking Resources

Because cell service is limited in some areas of Utah, purchasing a hiking book or map for your trip is a good idea. Here are the hiking resources in Utah that I've found to be the most useful over the years.:

  • Hiking from Here to WOW: Utah Canyon Country is without a doubt the best book for locating hiking trails in Southern Utah. It includes all of the Mighty 5 National Parks as well as others.
  • Utah National Parks National Geographic Map Pack - This set contains Nat Geo topo maps for all five of Utah's national parks. These maps will show you the lay of the land, where the Park campgrounds are, and all of the major hiking trails in the Parks.
  • Utah Benchmark Road and Recreation Atlas - This is a great atlas to have on your road trip if you want to get off the beaten path and explore Utah's dirt roads.
  • 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: City of Salt Lake

Which of these Utah hikes do you want to try, and which have you already done? Let us know in the comments!

What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

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What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

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What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

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What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

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What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

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What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

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What are some of the best dog boarding options in Zion National Park?

Written by Kristen Bor

My name is Kristen, and this is my outdoor blog. I discovered the power of nature in my twenties, just when I needed it the most. Prioritizing that critical connection with nature continues to improve my life 15 years later. My goal at Bearfoot Theory is to provide you with the tools and advice you need to go outside responsibly.

Do dog kennels exist in Zion National Park?

Day and overnight pet boarding is available in the community of Rockville, just a few miles from Zion National Park, at Doggy Dude Ranch (tel. 435/772-3105; www.doggyduderanch.com).

Is there somewhere for pets to stay while hiking Zion?

The Pa'rus Trail is the only one that allows pets. starting at the Zion Canyon Visitor Center. Pets are not allowed on any other Zion trails, wilderness areas, shuttle buses, or public buildings.

Are dogs happy in boarding?

It may be difficult to leave your dog at a boarding kennel, but The majority of dogs are looking forward to their stay and see it as a rewarding experience. . Many dogs quickly adjust to boarding kennels and return home happy and tired from plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

Can dogs be accommodated at Zion Lodge?

Is it okay if I bring my pet? pets are not permitted Doggy Dude Ranch, located 15 minutes from Zion Lodge, provides nearby accommodations.