Who framed roger rabbit jessica rabbit scene dress flies up

In the 1997 animated feature film, "Roger Rabbit", Jessica Rabbit is shown wearing a dress that flies up in the air when she turns around. This scene has been the subject of many debates as to who actually pulled the dress up. Some believe that Roger Rabbit did it, while others believe that Jessica Rabbit did it herself. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of each theory and provide our expert opinion on who actually pulled the dress up.

Several brief, obscene jokes are said to be hidden within the film, detectable only by watching the film frame-by-frame on a high-quality VCR or laserdisc player. Some of these gags, if they ever existed, were removed before the film was released on home video. The following are the most frequently mentioned scenes::

  • An incident that occurs during the scene in which Jessica Rabbit is riding through Toon Town in an animated cab with Bob Hoskins. Jessica and Hoskins are both thrown from the car when the taxi collides with a lamp post; Jessica lands spinning, causing her red dress to start hiking up her body. Jessica's underwear supposedly disappears for a few frames of her second spin, revealing her naked nether regions.The frames in question are frames 2170-2172 on side 4 of the laserdisc version; Jessica's pubic region is darker than the surrounding flesh-colored areas in these frames. It is unclear whether this coloration was intended to suggest nudity or was the result of a paint error. The intention may have been to paint the darker areas a color that represented underwear, but a mistake in the color markup chart resulted in some ambiguous images instead.:
  • Who framed roger rabbit jessica rabbit scene dress flies up
    Who framed roger rabbit jessica rabbit scene dress flies up
    Who framed roger rabbit jessica rabbit scene dress flies up
    Who framed roger rabbit jessica rabbit scene dress flies up

    A scene near the beginning of the film shows a diapered Baby Herman stomping off the set and underneath a woman's dress. Frame by frame, the scene shows Baby Herman extending his middle finger just before jumping beneath the skirt and resurfacing with drool on his upper lip. This scene can be seen on the home video release and was clearly planned.

  • Bob Hoskins enters a Toon Town men's room in another scene. Graffiti on the wall says, "For a good time, call Allyson Wonderland," with the phrase "The Best Is Yet to Come" beneath it. For one frame, allegedly, Disney chairman Michael Eisner's phone number replaces the latter phrase. Although the graffiti "Allyson Wonderland" is clearly visible on the laserdisc, Eisner's phone number is not. If the phone number was originally in the film (as rumor has it), it was removed before the home versions of the film were released.

Animators have traditionally amused themselves by incorporating racy frames or other gags into their work, frames that flash on the screen far too briefly for theatergoers to notice. Sharp-eyed moviegoers can spot these gags now that home video and laserdisc players allow viewers to examine scenes frame by frame. Many of these fleeting images, however, are the result of the power of suggestion rather than the animators' intentions.

A freeze-frame analysis of Walt Disney's Who Framed Roger Rabbit? reveals a full-frontal shot of Jessica without her underwear.

Acting on a tip, Variety columnist Michael Fleming recently discovered the uncovered character on a laser disc version of the 1988 film.


The frame flashed by too quickly on the movie screen at 24 frames per second. When the action is paused, the best videocassette player becomes blurry.

One frame at a time, a laser disc produces a crystal clear image.

"I rented it," Fleming said. "I saw it, and 'Bingo!'"

Jessica is thrown from a speeding taxi in the scene, and her skin-tight dress flies up, revealing a flash of red panties.

Until the pace of the action is slowed.

Then, according to Fleming, it's obvious that someone - perhaps a witty animator - replaced the panties with, well, nothing.

"There is no ambiguity here," Fleming stated. "I've never seen anything like that in animation before."."

Fleming noticed another character extending his middle finger, and he had heard of other animated gags that had been removed before the film was transferred to laser disc.


David Athey, owner of Laserific in south Orange County, said he hadn't sold a copy of Roger Rabbit in months - until Tuesday, when word got out.

2. 'The Little Mermaid' (1989) - I mean, really?. Even Frank Gehry (or Howard Roark) couldn't get away with including a massive boner as a supporting structure in a building. However, the man who designed the Washington Monument undoubtedly approves.

The film Who Framed Roger Rabbit has revealed whether or not Jessica Rabbit wears underwear! During the scene in which Jessica Rabbit and Bob Hoskins collide with a lamp post, the cartoon vixen is thrown out of the vehicle. Her dress flies up in several scenes, exposing her lady parts (the cartoon version, of course). 

When played at normal speed or in a movie theater, there is no way to see what's underneath her red gown! To see what's really wrong with the scene, one must play it very slowly, frame by frame, using the pause and play buttons.  

There's even a scene in which Jessica Rabbit's legs are spread apart for some strange reason. Guys all over the world are probably breaking their video tapes rewinding that scene!

Why did Disney get rid of Jessica Rabbit?

Since the publication of this article, Disney has confirmed that Jessica Rabbit was removed from the scene due to upcoming changes to the attraction. The plot of the ride will be changed, and Jessica Rabbit will soon play the lead role.

What happened to Jessica Rabbit?

Actually, Jessica she saves herself by whacking the weasels on the head with a massive mallet . Disney, however, was uncomfortable with portraying her as a victim, so she is now a detective on the hunt for the bad weasels, dressed in a long trench coat that conceals her cleavage and most of her bare legs.

Jessica Rabbit is wearing what kind of dress?

Jessica Rabbit's outfit is made up of a strapless red gown with a slit in the leg, red heels, and arm length blue gloves .

Why does Jessica have the surname Rabbit?

Conversation. What is the maiden name of Jessica Rabbit? She's married to Roger Rabbit So has his surname, but before that, was she Jessica Human, or was she just Jessica, like Madonna?..