Why does my cat wake me up meowing

at nightThere are a few reasons why your cat may be meowing at night. One possibility is that your cat is lonely and is looking for attention. Another possibility is that your cat is in pain and is seeking help. If your cat is meowing at night for attention, you may want to try giving her some toys or treats to keep her entertained. If your cat is meowing in pain, you may want to take her to the veterinarian to get checked out.

What can you do if your cat meows at night, and why do cats meow at night in the first place? Here's how to sleep well with your cats.

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It's. There are a few complications in this scenario.: 1) Your cat is indicating that she has unmet needs, and 2) you are losing sleep. What should you do? Fortunately, there are a few options, but first consider some of the causes of cat meowing at night.

Why is your cat meowing in the middle of the night?

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Cats are known to sleep for long periods of time, but they can be active when not sawing logs. Consider the following reasons for your cat meowing at night if it vocalizes while you sleep.

  1. Changing residences can cause stress, which can manifest as a cat.
  2. Kitty is bored and wants you to play with her.
  3. Hunger or thirst are present, and your cat is warning you.
  4. An older cat may be suffering from dementia, and her meows may be confused.
  5. There is a medical reason for your cat meowing at night.
  6. A newly adopted kitten may be afraid of her new surroundings.
  7. A newly adopted older cat may feel lonely because she is accustomed to the company of other cats at the shelter, particularly if she has formed a bond with a specific friend.
  8. Something she sees outside, most likely another cat, piques her interest.

How to stop cat meowing at night

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why a cat meows at night. However, getting some shut-eye may be possible. Here are some suggestions for how to stop a cat from meowing at night.:

  1. Consult a veterinarian to rule out any medical issues that may be causing a cat to meow at night. Cats are prone to developing thyroid or kidney diseases as they age, which may result in excessive meowing.
  2. Moving can be a particularly stressful time for pets, according to Brent Bilhartz of LazyPaw Animal Hospitals. "Moving tends to throw daily schedules upside down, but keep your pet's routine as similar to normal as possible.". Maintain feeding schedules while also making time for play and affection. Even a few minutes each day can help your pet feel safe, loved, and at ease."A cat that feels safe and secure is less likely to meow anxiously at night.".
  3. If cats are not active during the day, they may wish to expend that energy at night. Giving kitty a good workout before bed can help with the burn — and your chances of getting a good night's sleep. Playing chase with a ball or using wand toys that make her jump are excellent ways to release some of the cat zoomies that are keeping you awake.
  4. It's also a good idea to feed and water your cat right before you go to bed. Even humans sleep well when they have a full stomach!
  5. Anxious cats may require extra assurance and attention from you, especially at bedtime. Bring your cat into the bedroom with you and place her bed next to yours. Some cats enjoy having a blanket or towel on their human's bed, and they frequently prefer to sleep right next to their person. Extra comfort and security can make an anxious or confused cat feel more at ease and less likely to meow.
  6. Kittens who have recently been adopted may meow out of loneliness. Again, playtime before bedtime allows the baby to burn off energy while also bonding with you. Take the kitten to bed with you at night if you're up for it. Sleeping with you may calm her down and give you a fighting chance at sleep. Remember, a new kitten is a baby, and it may take her a few nights to adjust to her new routine and surroundings.
  7. If the meowing is directed at activity outside the house, simply closing the blinds or curtains may be a simple solution.

The bottom line on how to deal with a meowing cat at night

When you share your home with a vocal cat, it is possible to get a good night's sleep. If you've tried our suggestions and are still losing sleep due to a cat meowing at night, consult your veterinarian and possibly a behaviorist.

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This article was first published in 2018.

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    Cats are nocturnal. Leaving them outside in a safe catio, in my experience, will often cure the nighttime meowing.

    Why does my cat continue to meow and wake me up?

    Why does my cat wake me up in the morning? Cats are natural wake-up callers. Your cat is most likely waking you up early in the morning in this case because They woke you up before and you either fed them or paid attention to them. . So they keep waking you up in order to get that food or attention.

    How can I get my cat to stop waking me up at 5 a.m.?

    How to stop your cat from waking you up in the middle of the night .
    Try not to go more than 8 hours between feedings for your cat. Before you go to bed, give your cat a meal or snack..
    Try an auto-feeder. Set it to go off about 20 minutes before your cat's normal wake-up time at first..

    Why does my cat always wake me up at the same time?

    Your cat likes routines . Cats learn routines quickly because they are highly intelligent creatures. If you get out of bed (or your alarm goes off) at the same time every day, your cat will learn that time. She will recall that it is time for you to get up. And, like a good cat, she'll want to assist you in sticking to your schedule.